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  InstantHMI® 6.1 - 'Cloud Ready' Today

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional HMI on Windows PC, CE and Mobile: Monitoring, Data Logging, Real Time & Historic Trending, Alarm Management, Reporting, Control, etc. InstantHMI 6.1 is ‘Cloud Ready’ so you can also benefit from Cloud Computing.

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  Low cost, high performance HMI/SCADA Software

 Development (Designer & Runtime) for Windows PC ($2100)

 7.0" CE TouchPanel System with Runtime ($1240)

Mobile  Commercial PDA System with Runtime ($950)


  Easy 'Pick and Place' HMI Development

The Widget Palette includes a variety of widgets (Guage, LED, etc). Pick and Place any widget on the screen and change its properties to match your requirements. This is illustrated in the 'Design Screen' video.

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  Design and Operate InstantHMI in any Language

InstantHMI architecture incorporates a 'Language Plug-in'. This allows the design of HMI Project elements including screen objects,  and tag database in your language to be rendered in the target Runtime Engine.

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  Drivers to connect with Hundred plus PLCs/Controllers

InstantHMI provides connectivity over various communication links: wired serial or Ethernet, or wireless infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, ActiveX and OPC are supported.

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  GoToMyHMI - 'Your HMI-Gateway in the Cloud'

Use any standard browser on any device to access InstantHMI. No downloads, no tedious installs, no plug-ins. Login and you have the HMI in your hands wherever you are: factory cafeteria, or parking lot, or on the beach, or even the golf course! 

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  Setting up 'Cloud Access' to InstantHMI is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Install 'Cloud Ready' InstantHMI 6.1 and develop HMI as usual.
2. Subscribe to GoToMyHMI Service (Monitor/Alarm/Control).
3. Setup User Names and Passwords for 'Cloud Access'.


  Cloud Node vs. Client Node: Which one to choose?

A Cloud Node mimics your HMI-Server project screens in any device that has a standard browser. It allows you to monitor any screen objects, view and acknowledge Alarms, and allow control entry of Discrete and Analog data values.


  The Three S in ‘HMI in the Cloud’ Computing

GoToMyHMI provides Secure, Easy and Fast access from any Browser to InstantHMI 6.1, ready to serve you on the cloud today. Remotely Monitor, ACK Alarms and Control your HMI for one low flat fee.


  GoToMyHMI - a Certified Secure Site

All connections and transactions from any standard browser (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Smartphone, Tablets, etc.,) are encrypted (256 bit encryption). All remote browser access to your HMI servers are access controlled by your policy.


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